• I'm sorry, I find you boring.

In this moment now, capture it remember it…

Taylor Overload. thankyou for this.

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OMG. these are my favorite YuGiOh cards when I was younger. LOL!

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Ohhh, I think I got one. MINE.

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COOL. I want this.

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More good vibes here

this made my day. thank you for the one who shot this. candid.

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"I never want to change so much that people can’t recognize me."

you will never be unrecognizable. after what you did to the RED era and here comes the new one.

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Had enough tonight.

First two episode give creeps already. I should take a break for now and I suggest not to watch it alone on this very hour. Not that it makes me sick or I am a coward or got fear of about horror but it’s just that this series was a total insanity. I dunno if I can resist it.

Adam Levine was so hot on the pilot same as Jenna Dewan Tatum

And of course, bae, Evan Peters. He evolved into something so charming as he was Tate on the first season. I love the idea of his creation. That feels.